Directly to the form "Bug Report"

Safety and Stability are always the main target for developing "LayerManager Professional",and all user feedback is always included and respected therefor, it is not possible to ensure 100% safety against programming errors and issues during run-time of software.

There are lots of reasons, especially in the complex co-operation of software-components, that are responsible for most of all bugs and issues:

  1. on one side, there is AutoCAD with its versions and several flavoured variants, additionally installed ServicePacks for all these AutoCAD versions
  2. on the next side, there are most different Windows versions with their installed ServicePacks running on extremely different hardware
  3. "defects" in driver- and system-files for both AutoCAD and Windows
  4. "LayerManager" is working with a number of AutoCAD programming interfaces (APIs) and at low-level, "deeply" integrated with AutoCAD - AutoCAD users are not faced with that APIs, normally. Therefore, many bugs inside AutoCAD are still present, without influencing the users dayly work, and without further effects - in the very first moment only ! BUT, with "LayerManager" active, many of these "un-explored" AutoCAD errors will get visible, because "LayerManager" just uses these interfaces, AutoCAD itself will not/seldom use them.In the past, for all those strange situations, "LayerManager" was able to find work-arounds, so these AutoCAD bugs will not get active. But therefore, users help, feedback and co-operation is very useful and nessecary.
For all these reasons, there is one "golden rule", that you should respect before sending any bug-reports:

ALWAYS check and repair your drawing using the "_recover" and "_audit" commands, sometimes in multiple cycles. Insert that "recovered" and "audited" drawing as "exploded insert" into an new, empty drawing (at point 0,0,0). If the discovered bug still remains, then it is a good idea to send us the bug-report, please ! 

From our customers' experience, it is always strongly recommended, to "_recover" and "_audit" all your working drawings once each day - it is YOUR time and YOUR money, if the drawing is getting corrupt in unrecoverable way, even if you could work on a drawing for weeks without any problems ! Backup drawing files may also contain all that drawing defects, so these backups are (mostly) useless in such situations ! It is proved, that AutoCAD seriously produces drawing defects [see AutoCAD NewsGroups on the WWW].

Please describe your software configuration and the discovered (potentially) bug with the following form sheet; sending us an example drawing is also very helpfully to reproduce the described bug.

Many thanks for all your efforts and co-operation in forward - and our promise to work hard to fix any bugs and issues. As an evidence may stand, that all bugs could be fixed within one week (mostly within 2...3 days) - and this should be continued !

Of course, we will get in contact with you for further details and clearings !

1. Which operating system is running for your AutoCAD version?
  Microsoft Windows 95
  Microsoft Windows 98
  Microsoft Windows 98 SE (Second Edition)
  Microsoft Windows ME
  Microsoft Windows NT
  Microsoft Windows 2000
  Microsoft Windows XP
  don't know
2. Which service packs are installed for your operating system?
3. Which AutoCAD version do you use or under which version the error occured?
  AutoCAD 14
  AutoCAD 2000
  AutoCAD 2000i
  AutoCAD 2002
  AutoCAD 2004
  AutoCAD 2005
  AutoCAD 2006
  AutoCAD 2007
4. Which service packs are included in your AutoCAD ?
5. Which AutoCAD variant and which service packs of this do you use?
6. Which error occured? Please describe this error as detailled as possible. What did you do, before the error occured ? Did the system crash when the error occured ?
7. Is this issue reproducable, even with other drawings ?
  error occurs sporadically
8. Your email-adress for clearing feedback (if allowed)
9. Please check all fields. If you have a sample picture or a sample drawing for this error, send it as seperate email to [email protected]