Pictures & Screenshots of Version v4.1
The new release v4.1 offers many new features and lots of handling and interface improvements...

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Introducing the new "LayerManager-Templates", a very powerful, performance boosting and time-saving feature ! Templates will give your drawings all "intelligence" needed to build-up all layergroups and hierarchies automatically, whenever a new layer or layergroup is added to the drawing - each layer "knows" into what layergroups it belongs, and each layergroup "knows" into what hierarchies it belongs ... This way, you may save 90% of all time to structure your drawing - each drawing (*.dwg) and each template drawing (*.dwt) may have attached as many "LayerManager - Templates" as you need.
Now, the Foreground/Background control offers unlimited named drawing orders: save any desired drawing order (i.e. for each layout) with name and description directly into the drawing...
The "Tip-of-the-Day" dialog shows up with a short explanation of all new featrues, and with lots of tips & tricks ...
The new, permanently visible "Working-Layer-Window" always contains your pre-selected layers out of all selected layers, groups and hierarchies - with only one mouseclick you can change the drawing's current layer. This will improve your handling safety and may save valuable amounts of time when searching for desired layers. Additionally, you may collapse LayerManager window to enlarge your drawing area, and the "Working-Layer-Window" will remain visible.
Using the "3D-Orbit-Viewer" (free to be scalabled and positioned) you will get a real-time shaded/rendered preview on the drawing entities located on layers, groups, hierarchies. Simply move the mouse pointer over any object, and it's drawing content is displayed immediately.
By means of new "Display-Filter" you may configure the right window panel to meet your individual needs - additionally, many drawing analysis' are made by one mouseclick ("Which layers are RED & use linetype 'LT_Solid' ?") All filters will be named and saved with the drawing !
New visual features - different colors, selectable fonts and bold text can improve the usability and clearness.
The new "Layer-History" feature saves named "SnapShots" into the drawing (separately for each modelspace/paperspace/layout) - these snapshots may be restored at any other time. And: they will not be cleared when AutoCAD® or the drawing is closed: all snapshots are stored inside the drawing !

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